How Weatherproofing Impacts Texas Home Insurance Policies

With a population exceeding 27 million, it’s obvious that Texas is a great place to live. However, without a certain degree of risk, there is no reward, and Texas comes with its fair share of dangers. Although sinkholes and earthquakes aren’t uncommon in Texas, the lone star state is known better for tornados, strong winds and hailstorms.

All of these natural disasters have taken a toll on the insurance industry in Texas, and today, the state is known for having some of the highest premiums in the entire nation. Put simply, it can cost a decent amount of money to get homeowners insurance in Texas.

After shopping around and finding a policy, many homeowners believe there is nothing more they can do to save money on some of the highest premiums in the country. The good news is that there are some other ways to save, which involve weatherization.

Saving Money by Weatherproofing Your Home

If you’re paying for homeowners insurance in Texas and don’t believe you can save more money, it’s time to face the facts. The countless natural disasters that occur in Texas are what made insurance premiums skyrocket, and they’re also what keep the rates high.

Harsh weather is the major reason why insurance companies are forced to charge more money for homeowners insurance in Texas. If they didn’t charge more money, they wouldn’t be able to make any money.

Since weather is the main cause for higher rates, you can also use it to lower your own premium. The company that sells you homeowners insurance in Texas is betting that you won’t file a claim, so they’ll be able to make lots of money off of your insurance policy.

The insurance company benefits when you take the steps needed to weatherproof your home because they company will view your policy as less of a risk, which means they don’t have to charge you nearly as much money. By weatherproofing your home, you’re showing your insurance company that you’re less likely to file a claim.

Simple Weatherproofing Tips To Save

Depending on where you live in Texas, there are different ways to weatherproof your home. The main goal is to protect your home against natural disasters.

A typical insurance company would much rather charge you less money than have to deal with you filing a claim, so you can rest assured that everyone wins with weatherproofing. Although it might sound incredibly simple, a great way to weatherproof your home consists of cleaning your gutters out.

Dirty gutters can cause water runoff, and when water isn’t flowing into the correct pipe, it has the potential to cause damage. Something as simple as clogged gutters can lead to water in your basement, a cracked foundation or wood rot.

To have the best chance of saving money on homeowners insurance in Texas, you should have your gutters cleaned twice per year. A natural problem that can damage your Texas home is flooding. In a state that has been known for droughts, it might be hard to understand how Texas experiences flooding.

A great way to protect your home from flooding is the use of barriers. If you have home insurance in Texas, your insurance company will love you for setting up barriers.

Another form of weatherization that will help you save on homeowners insurance in Texas is protecting your home against strong winds. It’s a good idea to purchase and install impact-resistant windows and doors, which help to shield your home against strong winds.

To save on homeowners insurance in Texas, consider reinforcing your roof. Roof shingles can be made to withstand fire, hail and wind. One of the top causes of insurance claims in Texas is hail.

The company that sells you homeowners insurance in Texas might reduce your rate if you can show them you’ve taken steps to protect your home against hailstorms. These are some simple ways to weatherproof your home and save money on homeowners insurance in Texas.